Rose Colored Glasses

Years ago someone very close to me once ( or actually several times) said that I viewed life through "Rose Colored Glasses." While that may have been true then, I have found that sometimes life needs a little help to look better than the hard realities that we face day in and day out. I have discovered over the years that we all need encouragement that we are not in this alone. We only get to live this life once and I want my life , imperfect that it is, to be an encouragement for those around me. Do I get it right every single day?!?........."Absolutely not!!!!" But "His mercies are new every morning," and for that I am eternally grateful and forever hopeful "rose colored glasses" and all.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Time flies when you're having fun (and sometimes when you're not!)

Goodness gracious, where does the time go?!? I am not sure what I've been doing for the past two weeks, but I've sure been busy doing it. I don't know if time really does pass faster as you get older, or if it just takes you so danged long to get anything done, that it just seems like it moves faster. I remember when it seemed like an eternity from Christmas to Christmas. Now it seems like I just get all that stuff packed up and it's time to get it out again. I find that I now judge the passing of time as to the once a month things that I have to do at work. I have a couple of "chores" that I don't enjoy doing, so I say a huge "whew" every month when I check them off the list. But just like Christmas, I think that I just checked 'em off the list and it's time to do it again. Some nights I crawl into bed and wonder if I did anything that was worthwhile that day.....did I say or do anything to encourage somebody or help someone out? Did I do anything to "show" Jesus to someone who needs Him? Sadly, I know that lots of days go by that I get so caught up in myself or what I'm doing that I am completely oblivious to the hurts and pains of others. I hate that I do that......why do I do that? I have answers.....sometimes I'm just selfish....sometimes I'm just lazy......sometimes I'm complacent......and sometimes I'm just disconnected and I miss things. Are these excuses? Well....yeah....I guess they are. I find that I'm usually harder on myself than others are, but I still don't want to waste opportunities to be what God wants me to be. Does He want me to be perfect?? No!!! He knows me.....He just wants me to be available and willing. That would be my prayer for today....."Help me to be willing and available. Help me to use the hours in my day as You would have me to."
If I can do that, I will accomplish what He has for me everyday. Here's hoping that you have a great weekend, and that you get some down time and maybe get something done that you want to do. You know "Time Flies" when you're having fun and even when you're not!!