Rose Colored Glasses

Years ago someone very close to me once ( or actually several times) said that I viewed life through "Rose Colored Glasses." While that may have been true then, I have found that sometimes life needs a little help to look better than the hard realities that we face day in and day out. I have discovered over the years that we all need encouragement that we are not in this alone. We only get to live this life once and I want my life , imperfect that it is, to be an encouragement for those around me. Do I get it right every single day?!?........."Absolutely not!!!!" But "His mercies are new every morning," and for that I am eternally grateful and forever hopeful "rose colored glasses" and all.

Monday, March 5, 2012


I love being at home. It seems like home time is so limited and I just treasure every second I get to spend here. I've always been a "homebody"! In years past, I've gone from one Sunday to the next and never left the hillside except to go to church. This is my safe place, my haven! In honor of my birthday (but really because I needed some "off" time) I took Friday and today having a four day weekend!! The first two days were activity filled with my "girl's day" with Jodi on Friday. Saturday, Tony and I went with my daddy and step mother to a blue grass festival in Mississippi. It was great and we had a wonderful time. We slept in yesterday and as much as I missed my church family, I really needed the rest. I spent most of the day sleeping. As I got ready for bed last night, I looked forward to the morning that I would have today. It would be quiet.....Jodi has class and Tony has a doctor's appointment in Tuscaloosa. I would have another leisurely morning to drink coffee and spend some quality quiet time with the lover of my soul!! I wasn't disappointed either. There is nothing that compares to unrushed, complete quiet time with Jesus. Just to think on Him, and listen to Him speak to my heart. Am I the only one that He sometimes has to hem up in a corner before I stop long enough to listen to Him? Why do I do that? The thing is that most of the time, I'm not even running from Him, but I'm just too wrapped up in myself and my life to stop. What's even crazier, is the fact that I have seen time and again how much better life is when I don't neglect my time with Him. He gives me such good things that I take for granted. My prayer today is that He would help me to just "be" sometimes. I love you Lord and I want to love you more today than yesterday!! Thank you for my blessings. Help me to be what YOU want me to be!!


Mitzi said...

I just needed to hear from you tonight! Once again I am very thankful that you are my friend!

Kathy said...

Mitzi, I feel the same about you. I miss you and I love you!!